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Once you find it within yourself, you'll always remember the way. Go often!

I want to live here! "I live on Laughter. We built our home on Laughter.Meet you on Laughter.My favorite place is Laughter!

Tread carefully.

Maybe this doesn't belong on my humor Board, but you know what they say.you laugh because it's true. You should NEVER screw with another woman's husband or family. Noone likes a Fat UGLY DESPERATE Hog FREAK screwing with there life.

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Laughter is the fireworks of the soul "and laughter is the avenue to the heart" - peeksi So true! I love joyful laughter!


One thing we read everyday and dont even know about it. Without these signs we more than likely couldnt get around town and know where we are going. I have been lost before driving in unfamiliar places and these road signs helped me out a lot.

The 21 funniest expressions in German - these are so good!

The 21 funniest German expressions

How to Become a Certified Laughter Club Leader and Enjoy Laugh Yoga

"Risas e loito by Xacobe Casal, via Flickr"  Don't know what that means..but I love the photo..

Good laugh mean healthier that what we need in life. Risas e loito. Xacobe Casal Sistelo, Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

Mopti- photo by Ferdinand Reus. Love their expressions, the colors, patterns, prints...

Mopti- photo by Ferdinand Reus. Love their expressions, the colors, patterns, prints. These lovely ladies are a wonderful example of why photography is such a joy!

"When life gives you lemons squeeze them in peoples eyes" - "Ugly Love" By Colleen Hoover

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Laugh until your stomach hurts. I have amazing friends. I love laughing with them. It makes me happy. Without them, I don't think I would be half as happy as I am with them in my life. I love you guys!