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Flower seen blooming outside Russell House. It exhibits both warm/cool color contrast and complimentary color contrast. -Ayi Eta

It's starting to get cooler so the leaves are started to change! The color change is a good example of complementary contrast. Upon closer examination, the leaves also exhibit contrast of saturation.

This is a flower which has yellow and red color. And leaves have a spectrum from yellow green to dark green. The cool color looks recede. Soohyeon, Kim

I thought this was cool with all the different shades and tints of the grass but also the curvature of the mountains with their shades of color becoming lighter as the distance increases. Ashley C

These bathroom tiles reminded me of the colored squares we have recently been making in class. These are tones and shades of a tan orange color. -Sean Haviland

This is a photo I took while at the fair. I've always enjoyed the bright colors associated with the fair since a young child

Schumann- this is a picture of a flower that is dying. I picked this picture because while the flower is alive it had bright vibrate colors but as parts of it die they become brown. Which somewhat demonstrates how color can set the mood of things. Darker colors seem to be colder and sad whole bright colors are warm and happy!