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Sharks-- I know they aren't reptiles. But I don't want a whole bored with one picture or sharks.

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Browse a recent selection of art made by Lois van Baarle, freelance illustrator and animator located in the Netherlands

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DECIMAL Concept ArtOrb Interactive released some of the concept art behind their upcoming action real-time strategy game, . In this sci-fi ARTS/MOBA game, players will control a single squa

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This May Be An Inappropriate drawing But It's Still A Drawing Reference So I'm Putting It On My Board

Steph's Brain Farts

Another one for the animal book, only this is an animal that I know well. This is Tristan, the tripod greyhound. He lost his leg this year to osteocarcinoma, or bone cancer, which is sadly common for.

Hi there! I'm a self-taught artist and writer. I love elephants and polar bears and coffee. So much. Oh, and the beach. Standing in the sand, hearing the waves crash on the shore, and watching the ...

I'm sure there's heaps I didn't mention in this but this is generally how I approach drawing noses! The main thing is to check out references and try and draw different noses and you'll get a bett.

Corey Loftis

I'm a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is work done off the clock. All work © Cory Loftis