The Fawlty Towers Murdery Mystery, a serving of food and a ‘whodunit’ production rolled into one, will entertain The King’s Head pub photo by Creative Arts East

One of the six Agatha Christie stamps by Royal Mail. This stamp designed by Jim Sutherland pictures a scene from Murder on The Orient Express.

One of the six Agatha Christie stamps created by Jim Sutherland of Studio Sutherl& and illustrator Neil Webb

Maths Murder Mystery is a great way to engage maths pupils as they work to crack the code to reveal the killer.

This reminds me of that Adventures in Odyssey episode where the dead fish was narrating the attempt to solve his murder in true film noir style. Epic! >> Sherlock XD

Students work with the Doyles story in a fun and engaging way. It has been written out in the form of clues. There are 25 clues to solve this mystery. Students can get them all at once and then they try to solve the case or you can make it more fun and for example hide the clues around the classroom or them away as some kind of reward I do that when we are reviewing some area we have already covered when the group answer the question (from the area that is being reviewed) correctly they…

We went all out for our murder mystery party and it was a huge success. Host-party gave us a terrific jumping off point. The background story, characters, and clues were all terrific. We added props, creative printing of the clues, and a fun environment for the event. Everyone had a terrific time solving the murder.

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