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Today, the information thieves want most from your customers is not their credit card numbers but their email addresses andContinue Reading

The PCI-DSS is a security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card including Visa, MasterCard,Continue Reading

Reality of data theft means that a breach can sometimes have two or three aftershock effects years down the line.Continue Reading

Getting a merchant account is an important step for any business that sells services. Helping merchant to understand the underwritingContinue Reading

No one likes waiting in a checkout line, the faster your checkout line moves, the faster you are able toContinue Reading

Chargebacks is a major problem for merchants, rules and regulations surrounding chargebacks can be confusing; becoming educated about these policies,Continue Reading

Lisa an independent Travel agent started her business in October 2006. She has been using her bank as their creditContinue Reading

We've got more #SMWLDN tidbits on our blog! This time, @Amy Smith talks targeted flattery.