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i know she loves to wear ed hardy hats so i thought i could bring the style to her room

deviantART: More Like Tea cup quote tattoo sketch by ~Nevermore-Ink

Victorian Owl in Top Hat -Tattoo flash / Steam Punk Watercolour A4 Art Print. £15.00, via Etsy.

Ed Hardy - Love Kills Slowly skull

Sorry for all the tutorials lately.. I've started some projects, but haven't continued with them, so here this is for now I know some of you asked how I draw my noses and this is basically it. Things I cannot do tutorials on because I don't actually have steps to do them: lips, hands, feet, ears. I just draw them as you see them, sorry :( Also, I'd prefer not getting spammed with tutorial requests because it makes me feel overwhelmed, please and thank you. I have a hair and galaxy t...

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Black Rose Ed Hardy Poster

Tutorial Of Drawing Lips(Check it out if you're having problems drawing lips ) By @icuong _ #arts_help by artshelp

Ed Hardy Skull Roses Ed Hardy Snake Ed Hardy Joker