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"AllLookSame" is a website devoted to identifying the Asian provenances of various things. The title of the site essentially reflects preexisting stereotypes that homogenize all Asian identities under the pretext that they "all look the same".

The "Rebellious Asian" meme sets itself up to further restrict the perception of the stereotyped Asian student, whose main preoccupation is studying.

The "High Expectations Asian Father" meme serves a similar function to the "Rebellious Asian", in that it thrives on a widely disseminated racial imagination about Asian parents.

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34-Year-Old Mindy Kaling Has A Hilarious But Totally Honest Explanation For All Her Early Success

Mindy Kaling: "Now, racist-ly, I'm an Asian person. It comes easier to me than it might to you."

"Shit Black Girls Say" is also a notable from the trend of "Shit __ Say", however, it aims to exemplify and parody rather than reject and critique stereotypes.

Commonly known as the "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That" video, "Sweet Brown" -- much like "Bed Intruder" -- inspired various remixes, as well as reaction gifs, but also has entered into common parlance in an undeniable way.

"Shit White Girls Black Girls" is one of the few "standout" videos in the wide collection of "Shit __ Say" series. The commentary here is similar to that of "hipster racism", but comments on the offensiveness of naturalized everyday habits, such as using words like "ghetto", or asking to touch someone's hair.

This viral video called "Bed Intruder" was originally a news clip about "a rapist in Lincoln Park", that spawned an incredible number of remixes, and garnered its star national fame (both on the Web and on morning shows).

"Urban Dictionary" is an interactive encyclopedia that catalogues contemporary slang, serving to make public and accessible any kind of lingo made specific by culture.

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