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It's finally here!! Mrs. Kuchta's Corner, An Elementary Music Wonderland presents to you this fantastic collection of famous historical American cowboy tunes and westward expansion songs that we all know and LOVE to sing. This collection is a GREAT addition to your elementary music classroom library and can also be a fantastic cross-curricular aide to add to any regular elementary classroom teacher's library as well to help supplement your American History units of study.

Cowboy Tunes & Songs from the Westward Expansion - A Collection (PPT Edition)

I'm thinking that I will make a modified version this out of card stock for the boys in nursery

cowboy hat craft - this one is made of foam, but kids could paint/color a paper plate or construction paper and cut out.

Free Wild West Printable Pack... For all those little cowboys

Educational Freebie: Free Wild West Printable Pack

Cowboy boot template for Kansas Day~ | DIY Creator

cowboys and indians-Cowboy boot craft - the link no longer works but you could just cut out a boot from brown construction paper and then glue on sequins and other fun crafts bits.

Cowboy Camp - Fun book to read during a Cowboy unit or with OK History Cattle Drives

"Cowboy Camp" by Tammi Sauer. Avery's at cowboy camp, but he's just not like the other cowboys. He's allergic to the horses and can't stand the grub. But when a bully threatens all the campers, Avery proves his mettle in his own unique way.