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That dudes face in the front says it all... my dad was writing a note to my homeroom teacher (he's a doctor) and my teacher said my fathers hand writing was so bad...

Hahaa! This made me LOL for real ;) (oh and can I just say I hate how the iPhone app does this to pins you upload. Pinterest needs a better pinner for the app. One that we can pin straight from the site)

Once again, it is time to laugh because it is one of my favorite things to do. These cartoon funnies always make me feel happier! Enjoy!! Friends? Menopause And PMS E-I-E-I-Ohhhhhh! Let’s Bond Men In Uniform! Liar, Liar, Pants On […]

This cannot be real. If it is, there better be a "Burger King" on this street.< as an addition to this comment, only a Burger King, nothing else. Just one sole Burger King on the side of an otherwise empty road, one Burger King to rule them all!

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