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Gravis New York Poll Shows Sanders Within Six: - Among Likely Democratic Voters

Look at this chart and tell me again about "electability".

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders receives endorsement from Rep. Keith Ellison

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders receives endorsement from Rep.


Sanders HAS been working 'across the Aisle' to get stuff done, for years

BNR - 'Bernies Sanders Revolution Against Austerity' & 'DNC To Announce Debate Schedule This Week'

Welcome to the Bernie News Roundup . The BNR is a voluntary, non-campaign associated roundup of news, media, & other information related to Bernie Sanders run for President.


New poll out of Iowa just now, published by Iowa State University, that has Clinton at to Sander’s This is a complete landline poll, with of respondents over the age of 50 years old, an

Bernie Sanders!  I've made my choice.   Yes, I jumped ship.  Clearly & definitively, he is the right choice for America.

Americanos4Bernie on

Feel the Bern


My Conservative Cousin Is Now A Sanders Campaign Volunteer.


So after all the hullabaloo over who won the Hispanic vote — spoiler, it’s inconclusive, but Bernie won younger Hispanics, who are nearly half of Hispanics, by 70 pts — I thought I would take a look


Voter suppression and gerrymandering is rampant in all the sates.



Seniors for Sanders shared U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders's photo.

Seniors for Sanders shared U.


Apologies if this was posted already and I missed it, but Cornel West had a piece featured on Politico a few days ago: Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary Read

Bernie Sanders is Now the Democratic Frontrunner, by One Pissed Off Liberal, Daily Kos Jan.

~ Bernie Sanders

Right Wing Billionaires Tell People Forget Income Inequality Worship Us Instead