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CEC XS-1200 Freighter by boomerangmouth on DeviantArt

The Paladin class light bomber was developed during the First Great Conquest War (FGCW) by OmniCorp to counter powerful ion defence shields used by GenCorp forces on planets, moons and asteroids.

i148.photobucket.com albums s33 dharman07 Deckplans VT-49%20Imperial%20Decimator%20Deckplan%20Floor%201_zpsuguma5ue.jpg

D Harman uploaded this image to 'Deckplans'. See the album on Photobucket.

Boba Fett - Female Deathwatch

A female Mandalorian leads this Death Watch splinter group in Thomas A. Szakolczay’s amazing Star Wars fan art. Also, check out his entire portfolio. That has to be modeled after Rashida Jones.

U UBR Khetanna SL by ColonialChrome.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Jabba's sail barge, scaled to fit the set construction blueprints making it meters, rather than the canonical 30 meters. When doing second stage re. U UBR Khetanna SL


The Seventh Moon is a "near stock" central-foreword cockpit variant of the light freighter. The modifications are relatively light: triple bunk . Seventh Moon