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from mindbodygreen

Bandhas for Beginners: Intro to Yoga's Interior Locks

Bandhas for Beginners: Intro to Yoga's Interior Locks Mula, Uddiyana, Jalandhara, Maha: Lock Up & Take Off!

Sunny Day Anti-Static Hair Detangler: If your smooth, shiny hair only lasts as long as the good weather, Sunny Day will keep frizz from stealing your hair's thunder.

Acid Doll: Sponge rolls on wet hair and I sleep with them. I didn't use any setting lotion for this hairstyle. - Takes me around 20-25 min to set it. - The secret for nice curls and to remove all the frizz is brushing. I never brush them less than 30minutes. - For a smooth and natural effect, I use pomade (my favorite is Layrite) and finish with a touch of hairspray.

from Refinery29

The RIGHT Way To Bleach Your Hair At Home

The Right Way To Bleach Your Hair At Home #refinery29 Step 1: Evaluate Your Risk “The best and lightest results are seen on hair that is virgin — no hair dye at all — and shades that are light brown and [lighter],” says Alex Brownsell, Bleach London founder and celebrity colorist. You can do it on darker hair, but it will require some patience, and the damage will inevitably be greater. Still lusting after white-blonde? Proceed to Step ...

from ELLE

7 Secrets to Straightening Your Hair Without Using Heat

Transforming wavy hair into a stick-straight style often involves the copious use of chemicals, hair dryers, and flat irons—all amped up to their highest, most follicle-damaging heat settings. But women have been straightening their hair for decades without heat too—long before ceramic plates, tourmaline, or ionic who's-it-what's-its were even a glimmer in T3's eye.