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Corcoran, 2817 N Ocean Boulevard, Gulf Stream Real Estate, South Florida Homes, Gulf Stream,

Corcoran, 2817 N Ocean Boulevard, Gulf Stream Real Estate, South Florida Homes, Gulf Stream,

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diy water features | 600mm WaterWall | Casade Effect - Spillway Complete Kit - FREE ...

600mm DIY Water Wall | Cascade Effect - Spillway Complete Kit

Installing a Water Feature

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Living in Florida, specially near the waters, does seem like a dream for many. The state offers some of the most picturesque locations in the country. However, reality is far from a dream. Relocating to Florida requires a lot of money if you want to live in the 'good' areas. After that, you also need to find a locality/county that has low crime rates, as crime is high throughout the...

Wish to Live in Florida? These are the Best Places Around

Arcanum Architecture

Arcanum Architecture - don't love it all, but like some of the landscaping and walls/windows

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paver patio around tree | Precision Landscaping - Landscaping

Designed by Bob Hursthouse, gorgeous wooded backyard. Stone can be a huge expense for a large space such as this; to save money, use stamped concrete pavers, which can be stained to mimic the look of flagstone, slate and other natural stone.

One of our favorite projects this summer came from a back yard in North Cherry Hills. A modern and upscale approach is easier said than done when considering condensed or tight spaces. So how do you broaden the effect on the viewer, yet keep it clean? Start with the senses- as humans we're naturally drawn to the elements. In this case we used a sky fountain water feature to trickle over some home grown Colorado river rocks. Feel the tranquility? Well just hold on to that zen while the pour…

Modern Backyard Stone Water Feature and Concrete Fire Pit . The small river rock surround makes this water feature.