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Yoga in the wild....Elephant yoga!!! #headstand

Elephant and man doing handstands by John Drysdale. Massive range of art prints, posters & canvases.

After breaking my back, i am determined to get back into yoga and accomplish these positions!

I can do the crow, tripod, and headstand. Now I just need to work on my forearm stand and scorpion.

Pure JOY!

You look at this picture and try to tell me animals do not feel or understand! oh the happiness I see =] baby elephant playing in water!

I'm not sure why this elephant is doing a headstand, it almost looks like the background is a zoo?? I would love to see this beauty free

Elephant Yoga ❤ A handstand, this is just ONE reason elephants are cool.

41 with his 1st Lady!  Such a classy couple!

Happy New Year and Best wishes to President George H. Bush, first lady Barbara Bush and All members of the Bush Family!