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“ I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”  #Ingageurbiz #success #quote #successquote #business #businessquote #motivation #motivationalquote #motivational

“ I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.

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I'm constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to be in a position to give value to others. Key word being give. Many people think business is about selling things and making money. The truth is that business is about giving things and earning wealth.

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The struggle you face today will give you the strength you need for tomorrow. _______________________________ Use in your motivation success and business posts.


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Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will.

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This quote is amazing. I like it because the quote says that if it doesn't really make you shiver its not a big dream or goal. So whenever i plan to do something i know its good if it scares me if not i must reach or dream bigger.

“Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household.” ~Gary Vaynerchuk

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❤️✌️ seeing my new desk that i will have this Monday is making me nervous but excited at the same time. it's such a good feeling hearing a manager tell you they heard how awesome your interview was and then congratulate you in front of a group of people d

So someone adds you on Instagram and they start pitching you straight away...  Yup I get this on a daily basis.  These people are not taking any time to get to to know me doubt they would have even checked out my profile to find out a bit about me to strike up a conversation and they have no interest in building a relationship.  They just want the sale... They have been taught to just send links in the hope that some people will join them.  No relationship building no digging deep to find…

Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers' - Seth Godin Online marketing, Marketing, Quote