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23 mamás orgullosas que tienen las familias más hermosas - ¡Qué cachorros!

Because there is nothing more adorable than a fluffy puppy to brighten your day, enjoy our gallery of the fifty cutest puppy pictures ever seen!

Thought this was so funny.

Dog conversation - Still Hungry You've had breakfast Want more breakfast You'll get fat What's fat? It's what happends when you eat to much food Fat sounds awesome! Lets get fat!


15 animais que parecem não gostar da 'selfie' de seus donos

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Take your pick.-The puppy at the end & The Great Danes on the other side

pretty simple, actually.

Can We Go For a Walk Now?

LOL Funny Animals PM PST Wednesday, March – 10 pics I tried to ignore it, I really did

I would freak

I pulled daddy’s expensive camera off the counter and broke the 400 dollar lens. I’m plotting to get the next one too.

yup sounds familiar but ours are lizard hunts @Ryan Sullivan Murray this is soo Jessie!

Sweet Dog Pics: I found a frog to play with in the muck.