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Why I'm a yoongi stan (part 1 of 2862926299273667543318203683926292)

The only thing I'm motivated to do is making memes and eating 😂

this is so adorable


Jiminnie is the cutest mochi ever and Suga's is accurate af

Yup totally true.. Im in love with BTS not only bcs of their good looks,but with their passion n their music.. I felt so frustrated when i try to explain this thing to other people

This is so true it's almost scarry. People olso keep telling me Norman is just a 'fase' in my life. Well, to hell with those people.

Cut things out one thing at a time. Right now mines is meat. Today is day 4! Of no meat!!

Me right now.it does not help that I'm an athlete and I love food.

Totally have not forced my friends into doing this  #bts #bangtanboys

That's exactly what happened with me 3 months ago //BTS- OMFG LMAFO 😂💘💘 This is so wht happens

BTS Spring Day Passado o fim deste frio inverno Até que a primavera venha de novo Até que as flores floresçam de novo Fique aí um pouco mais Fique aí

"until the cold winter passes and the spring day greets again until the flowers bloom stay there a little bit more, please stay there".

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They're all really sweet. We have Namjoon right here as en example right now on how BTS is genuinely kind to their fans.