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Some of these… <<I don't understand the big whop about Tobias Eaton or Fourtris.

16 Memes Only Fans Of “Divergent” Will Understand…. I didn't like Theo James as four.

tris prior

Eric: She's not going to shoot me. Tris: I think you might be over estimate my character. It's not like you're going to shoot me. Tris: Why do people keep saying that! Tris shoots him in the arm.

Amazing description of Tris and Four and Katniss and Peeta - Divergent and The Hunger Games

Human-Christina Perri-Tris and Four and Katniss and Peeta - Divergent and The Hunger Games

No it doesn't matter if you'e single.. You're gonna break up with her and marry me.

I have yet to meet a guy who loves Divergent and when I do I will not let him go.

It's too much

SPOILER ALERT This is the end of Allegiant. Well, not the end, but the part that will make you want to curl up into a ball and die. I literally crude at that part cause why not cry over a book

Mrs.whateveryourlastnameis! AHH THAT IS CLASSIC

I don't know if I'm too old to crush over celebs now but Theo James can enter my life at any point now. ---------- in response to this I would like to say that I find absolutely ZERO attractiveness in Theo James.

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If I told you.that my movie was going to be horribly inaccurate in every way.would you still read? I loved those books. Who cares about the movies!

"You, my friend, have a death wish" -Christina

My second Favourite part from the awesome movie This is so awesome except they left out the part after she says " It must be because your so approachable" she adds "you know, like a bed of nails"