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Can I Kiss You? | Consent | This is So Important! Consent should be a compulsory subject at school. | I'll always remember this guy I was naked in bed with, both having consented to sex, we were kissing & touching then he ASKED if he could go down on me. He continued to check for consent for each 'act' to make sure I was comfortable with everything. Not only was it the most clear respect I'd had from a lover (at the time) but it was really sexy him asking! Don't be embarrassed to ask, say…

Pretty Little Liars Game! I broke up with Ezra because A texted me and told me to!

Essa é a arte de viver em tal mundo cruel e escuro, mas aprender a brilhar e pulsar por meio dela. ✨ A R T E b r a s i l

I pinned this but I will pin it again cuz I'm punk rock and I do what I want

Tom explains the stages of Math! 1.Okay Let's do this. 2. Okay, it's going well. 3. Wait is this getting harder? 4. Wait, what? 5. Stop right their! WTF is that? and (my personal fave) 6. Screw it! I'm done!

This is my dream. I just want to wake up late on a Sunday morning, seeing him making crêpes with his messy hair and his sleepy smile, and kiss him on the nose and hug him while he adds chocolate sauce on my crêpe.

Nah. I can do better than even this. I can do it till neither of us can ask a math question or breath without one another. Kiss her like that. If you can..... I can.

haha duck face ;) it's a shame I'll never get to meet them :< I want to go to a convention so badly.