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As adults, we always speak of how to manage work, family, hobbies, intrusions, etc.-and then try to create a balance. As it turns out, it’s absolutely essential for our children to learn how to balance as well.

Transgender Kids Can Escape Anguish, Study Finds

Do You Think #TransgenderChildren Are Unstable?

Poison Control phone centers receive calls daily from terrified parents-their children have ingested hand sanitizer. And yes, they are affected by alcohol poisoning.

5-Year-Old Girl Saves Blind Grandmother From House Fire

The stove in their home caught fire while the child's mother was away


CNN's Kelly Wallace, who once worried about vaccinating her children, reaches out to medical experts asking them why children should get these vaccines.

How Common Procedures Became 20 Percent Cheaper for Many Californians

How Common Procedures Became 20 Percent Cheaper for Many Californians #get_thrive #feedly

3 Easy Ways to Add Movement to Your Workday

Do you work in an office where you are sitting all day long? Combat sitting disease with these 3 simple ways to add movement to your workday by Focal Upright.

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A coffee that keeps you hyper all day is in the works

This one goes out to all the coffee drinkers out there. If you spend your days bowing down to the ever-popular coffee bean, Nestlé is right there with you.