Hand Knitted Pure Wool Yarns Gnome Doll Waldorf Inspired Craft

Summer and Winter Gnomes by Juniper Hollow Gnomes on Etsy

Set of Seasonal Gnomes: Felted Cashmere and Merino Wool Wooden

The Little Hedge Rose Family. A Faerie Papa Mama Peg Doll with Baby waldorf craft

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Waldorf Math Gnomes The Four Processes A Set of Five Wooden Peg Dolls

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Month Gnomes ~ A Year of Dolls ~ January through December Peg Dolls ~ Waldorf Year

Month Gnomes A Year of Dolls January door TheToadstoolForest

Originally designed, delicately hand embroidered Waldorf peg doll calendar. With the gnomes wearing felt clothes to represent seasons and months, you can celebrate the experience of being part of Nature and the wonderful circle of life. For children, the set helps to memorize the names and the order of months and seasons. In accordance with Waldorf traditions, all spring month gnomes are green, summer gnomes are yellow, autumn gnomes are red and winter gnomes are blue. Gnomes belonging to a…

Month gnomes Waldorf style

Math Gnomes The Four Processes A Set Of Five Wooden Peg Dolls Waldorf Inspired Craft

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Camden the Highland Gnome Waldorf Inspired Natural Storytelling Dollhouse doll

two gnomes. 2 Peg Dolls dressed with felted wool fabric and crochet cap

two gnomes. 2 Peg Dolls dressed with felted wool fabric and crochet cap, party favors.

Gnome Peg Doll In A Little Felt Carry Bag Waldorf Hand Crafts