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seriously, when they say we are now a democracy cause women can vote, and I'm like, dude, we'll be a democracy when number of women presidents is close to number of male presidents, no sooner than that.

I'm going to say this is a "What?! Why?!!" Moment because as a parent, I now know that when, or at least when I say don't talk back, is because children should have respect for what we decide as parents. And especially middle school children LOVE to argue and try and negotiate/"prove wrong"/ or point out the unjust. Dude, no. Don't talk back. You got yourself in this mess. Shut it, and take responsibility. End rant.

❝ we mean it but i promise we're not mean ❞ @tag_youre_it

I thought about that a while ago and decided to put it out there.... And everyone looked at me like 'so?' People don'r realise that we have the right to know what Humpty Dumpty really was! Lol

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Tumblr Ghoul. I knew I wasn't the only one. No matter how many times I watch it it's hilarious.

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