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The distinctive character of Julia's home town of Sheffield is captured in this delightful Cityscape with humour and love. Julia shows us as Sheffield as a northern, British city full of civic pride (Town Hall, Winter Gardens and the City Hall) which does not forget its rich industrial heritage (the oldest factory in the world: Cornish Place and the rare and wonderful Sheffield Furnace)...

Life Cycle sculpture commissioned for a conference on the environment, located just outside Deansgate train station, Manchester, United Kingdom, 1995, by George Wylie.

Dragonlike - The Big Horn Sculpture by David Kemp - It's not really a saxophone, nor a dragon, coiled on the gothic stump of a Victorian hat factory in Manchester

"Back in the mid 60s I was a Mod, and being a big Soul music fan, was a regular at the Twisted Wheel Club All-Nighters in Manchester." Mod outside the Twisted Wheel, Manchester, United Kingdom, 1967, photograph by Paul Stanley.

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