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My art supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel backgrounds Team Free Will .

awww cas, at least dean's picking up the feathers (prob with the intention pf rebuilding your grace/wings) <3

supernatural team free will castiel dean winchester sam winchester. God this breaks my heart :(


Journal of a Man of Letters - # 80 - The attention to detail in these are pretty amazing. Note Dean's bag of peanut m&m's and Sam's rosy cheeks. I mean, for real though.

Supernatural - If you don't watch the show you will not get any of this! You need to hear their voices saying this!

The best of Supernatural

Funny SP Supernatural Cover Case for iPhone 5 6 Touch Plus Samsung Galaxy Mini Edge Note 23 4 5

They were never infact homeless

Supernatural The season 5 finale broke my heart! Love that the show continues to go on but if it had to end the last episode of season 5 would have been the perfect send

This made me laugh so hard! << Please keep your arms and legs inside the hula hoop at all times, thank you for riding Air Hula.<<<I can't, I can't even omg😂

"That universe where Dean is a demon, but it's (pretty much) okay." ||| Demon!Dean and Sam ||| Supernatural Fan Art by polyglotplatypus on Tumblr

"That universe where Dean is a demon, but it's (pretty much) okay." The pie thing killed me.

Supernatural @Katie Schmeltzer Walters

I should use this in the classroom to show that your mom jokes are not funny. However, I think only my students who like Supernatural will get it and they do not make your mom jokes.