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These Alphabet mini cards in Foundation Font are great for quick revision, small group work, remedial groups. Great for Kindy, Pre-Primary, Foundation and Year 1. 3 pages for $2!

This is a popular Go Fish Contractions game to consolidate knowledge of contractions for Years 2 and 3. For 3 – 6 players, it may be used during Word Work, literacy centres or any small group activity. 18 pages for $3!

Use this Initial Blends Four in a row sl-cl-gl-bl-fl game to reinforce and practice initial blends. Ideal to use in group rotations for literacy and small group work. 15 pages for $4.50!

$6 This package is a versatile set of twenty-four task cards with writing prompts that cover end of year, summer and holiday time topics. Use the task cards in writing centers or small group work. Also included are graphic organisers for most task cards.

This pack of conversation cards offers a range of topics that may be used for speaking and listening or as writing prompts. Use in paired conversations, small group work and whole class discussion. For younger children it may be necessary to model a conversation between two people and give them strategies to keep the conversation going: asking good questions, adding information, active listening, turn taking, respecting others opinions etc.

Australian State Puzzle pack contains 2 different puzzles to help your students learn the states of Australia. Puzzle 1: Match a picture of each state with its name and acronym. Puzzle 2: Match a picture of each state with its name and state flag. 6 pages for $2.50!

These Alphabet Posters – Sea Theme contain words which are great for displaying in your room. They are great for identifying starting sounds! 55 pages for $3.50!

Print and laminate for a quick and easy literacy activity – just add playdough! This is a pack with 2 sets of playdough mats. One set of CVC words is in Victorian Modern Cursive. The other set is in a print font. Hopefully one of these fonts will suit your needs. Each page has the …