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This would be a really quick and easy print to mimic in my print workshop. The roughness of it also adds a good flow somehow which would be nice to mimic in my print.

Liza Quiñones - ArtsThread Profile

Surface pattern of tables? Textural Pattern - monochrome print design with triangular shapes arranged to convey a sense of movement & direction // Liza Quinones

My life as an artist, jeweler, writer, dancer, and traveler.

African wax print fabrics- I could do a brush embroidery pattern on the cake so it looks a little similar to this

Parallel lines in different shades are used to create a repetitive pattern, blended to create cut structures (City buildings). Rather than colouring the buildings, they are outlined, some stippled and cross hatched; creating a monotonous effect

Storytelling with Forms and Patterns: Prints and Textiles by...

Black and white line drawing. would be cool to have some city art at each conference

Making Marks - Abbey Withington www.abbeywithington.com

Making Marks - Abbey Withington " Varying scales of marks could be different counts of thread or structures.