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Ekans does what it wants!! All pokemon envy the water type! After all, water's the best type

Pokemon come on grab pikachu! I'm sure we'll catch tons of pokemon. Like, bulbasaur and charmaner. The collection will never end it's Pokemon Time!

Got to wash them all - Pokemon Soap. My hands would always be so clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An amazing little story about the love of Pokemon and it's never-ending affect on us all.

from Etsy

Pokemon Gym Badge Set - Kanto Region

What a cute present- perfect for a few people I know :P Pokemon Gym Badge Set - Kanto Region

Level up your grades… (Great poster, except for the missing apostrophe in "its")

Mew Pokemon Clinging earrings Handmade kawaii gamer two part front and back post earrings on Etsy, $7.50

from BuzzFeed

30 Incredible Works Of Art Inspired By Pokemon Fusion

Pokemon Fusions