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Mask 2

Nigeria - Century Edo Pendant Mask, Queen Iyoba (Michael C. Carved out of ivory for the "Oba" (king) of Benin.

Africa | Mask from the Chokwe people of DR Congo or Angola | Wood, raffia, rattan and glass beads | ca. mid 20th century

DR Congo or Angola Chokwe people mask of wood and raffia.

Benin - photo - Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou

Benin's Mysterious Voodoo Religion Is Celebrated In Its Annual Festival by Dan Kitwood :: Ouidah, Benin

The powerful story of Iyoba (Queen Mother) Idia of Benin, told through the medium of visual novel from Asiri.com

Queen Mother Pendant Mask: Iyoba, century Nigeria (Edo people of Benin), The Metropolitan Museum of Art

https://flic.kr/p/bogcP9 | Ethiopian Tribes, Suri | Ethiopia, tribes, Surma, Suri people  Young boys seen by the Kibish river near the village Kibish.  When you visit the Surma area you probably follow the road from Tum to Koka and Tulgit and finally Kibish. Most of the tourists are going directly to Kibish, which is the biggest settlement in the area with a police station, a tourist office, two small restaurants, some shops, and, if you are very lucky, a cold beer. Around Koka, Tulgit and…

Africa, Young Suri boys by the Kibish River, South Omo, Ethiopia ~ Photo by Dietmar Temps

MALCOLM Volume One: New York | Sotheby's

Edo Brass Head Representing a Ruler, Benin Kingdom, Circa - Century, Nigeria Height: 19 cm Cat. note on Udo heads


Not to be confused with Benin City. Republic of Benin . Pineapples shop in Ganviè, Benin by luca.

Africa | Mask from the Punu people of Gabon | Wood, black and white pigment

African mask from the Punu people of Gabon. Wood, black and white pigment.

Benin Art

Head of an Oba, century (ca. Edo peoples, court of Benin Brass; Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Bequest of Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1979 Metropolitan Museum of Art