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I have a problem when something is so funny to me I can't stop laughing! Even an hour later I'm still laughing scence that moment and everyone is just staring at me.

Think about it

As stupid as that sounds, I am a little curious how well it might work. New life goal people!


Relatable Post First Day of School: 30 pencils. one month later: 1 pencil you found on the ground


Teenager Post - Idk my relationship with my siblings is either "yo I'll help you hide the body" or "don't even breathe in my direction" there's no in between.

Sleeping with All your teddy bears as a child so none of them get offended.

This was me inthe bed piled up with 20 stuffed animals so none of them would get their feelings hurt. The only difference now is instead of stuffed animals I have 7 dogs piled on me.

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yesterday i got tan at the pool and forgot I had a band-aid on my leg.i have an awkward tan line XD

Yay I did it

(no longer typing w/ my elbow.that obviously failed XD, I meant to say: "did it on my laptop, typed it too. Now time to click pin w/ my elbow XD)

Still, spelling is still important. I will chastise you if you spell something wrong.

Only repost if you can read that is a preety amazing fact about the human that i really did not know

So true

Teenager Post I see 2007 and think "oh 3 years ago" and then it hits me that it was like 7 years ago now.

Get in the basket!

I have wondered the same thing! I think when David was on a bike, he just would just call another police officer in a car to get them.

Its worked!

Ok I DO know this is chain-mail AND it's fake but I did it AS I read it so whatever might as well repost

Although saying that might  make it worse, but I gotta admit congrats to someone who would say that! Lol

Teenager Posts Hahahahaha that would be so funny. Not to the cop tho.