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RT_com: RT IntheNow_tweet: Hillary directly threatens Russia with war MSM couldn't care less #USelection2016 #News

Spain's UN Syria resolution that threatens sanctions for anyone who breaks truce shot down by Russia :

from The Independent

Sweden declares flying the Isis flag is legal

These people are A special kind of stupid. Flying the Isis flag in Sweden is not illegal and cannot be considered an incitement to racial hatred, according to a Swedish prosecutor. A 23-year-old man from Laholm has avoided prosecution after he allegedly posted a picture of himself with the Isis flag as his Facebook profile photo.

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Nato must prepare for 'overnight Russian invasion of Poland'

Nato must prepare for 'overnight Russian invasion of Poland?' (More WAR b***ocks from warmongers)

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Ukraine crisis: France, Germany threaten Russia over poll

Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel, 10 May 2014. France and Germany have threatened Russia with further sanctions if Ukraine's presidential election on 25 May fails to go ahead.

from BBC News

Ukraine rejects Russia Gazprom gas price hike

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Thank God Putin is willing to stand up for US interests in Middle East

ISIS threatens every one of us, and Piers has no clue what Obama's plan is for Syria or ISIS. Putin is no shrinking violet, he knows how to deal with ISIS and is, as Bill Clinton once said, very smart

Brigitte Bardot, the former screen siren, threatens to quit France for Russia, in protest not at tax hikes but at treatment of two circus elephants. Read more

from The Telegraph

Euro 2016 violence: Trouble in Lille as England and Wales fans join forces to ward off Russian hooligans

Four Russian fans attack English and Welsh fans drinking together at the Palais de Beer Bar opposite Lille Flanders Station