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Blue Footed Booby, Galapagos Islands Cuties #Animals

from 9GAG

There are superheroes, villains... And there's Deadpool

Deadpool is hilarious. #batman #wonderwoman #superman #deadpool

spelling words with your calculator. yes! i was a very creative kid. and nasty too, apparently. sigh....

Lol bobby spn supernatural I was thinking that last comment before I read it wow I need help :P

''Steve Rogers is my fitness role model...'' ACCURATE!! Hahahaha :)

"Pastel Goth" You know I'm really starting to like this "trend" it incorporates a lot of what I like. Black, satanic occult imagery, spikes, pretty makeup and hair. Slightly feminine style, lace.

Germany= Angela Merkel ---> HE HAS BOOBIES! *^*

Shaming other girls strengthens patriarchy and hurts all women. Stop the slut-shaming.

from BuzzFeed

17 Things No One Tells You About Breast Cancer

Save the women! I hate it when people say that they lost the fight against breast cancer because they had to remove their breast. They didn't lose because they lost their breasts to breast cancer because you are more than a pair of breasts! You have a soul, mind and body, even though you lost a part or parts of your body.