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Mi esposo el compañero de mi camino en esta vida. Tu y yo vamos a llegar a viejitos si Dios lo permite

Oh...makes me miss Dash. Reminds me of art he loved.

In promise to spend my whole life trying to make you happy your the woman of my dreams and al always love you in this life and I hope in the xxxx you make me feel amazing kate and I love you all me heart 💏💏

This is HowlingMoon,He's always serious but he has some feelings for a certain Espeon.He's on the Light Side and He's part of The Evolutions.(Played by me)(Male)

why can't i see past your static electricity touch and the way you own me? why do i still feel like i belong to you? property of:

from Style Me Pretty

30 of the Prettiest Offices Ever

So much inspiration:

I'm Kaiden Cross, a 20 year old from Whites. I'm a caste 5 and I play piano for a living. I love pranking people (usually with my twin sister) and playing sports. I'm a goofy person; I love laughing and making people laugh. Introduce, if you want.

A wolf came out of the mist besides me. Its icy-blue eyes locked onto mine before it signaled me to follow it. I walked next to him deeper into the forest. When the wolf started to run I knew it would be impossible to keep up, but I maintain my pace without growing weary. It was an amazing feeling of freedom and I felt like I could ran forever.