Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Cassian' - Dwarf fountain grass to border-edge the boulder wall & establish a break between the rain garden and the picket fence (back yard sod area).

Members of the genus Pennisetum are exquisite grasses with a timeless style. Most grow in flowing, fountain shapes, and many produce lovely, bottlebrush plumes.

weeping snow cherry tree - Bing Images

Want tis for the new front landscape! Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry- want for the front of the house!

Lespedeza thunbergii White Fountain

Lespedeza thunbergii 'White Fountain'

Lespedeza thunbergii 'White Fountain' (White Fountain Bush Clover) - Cut to the ground in spring, this tall x wide deciduous grower will resprout rapidly.

Check out this awesome plant!

Calydorea coelestina

(syn: Sphenostigma coelestinum) The amazing irid Calydorea coelestina is a rare and threatened North American native wildflower endemic to a small region in northeastern Florida. The long, green-pl

Abutilon 'Orange Hot Lava'|Juniper Level Botanic Gdn, NC|

Hosta Grand Prize

Butterfly Bush Buddleia 'Ellen's Blue', 5a-9b, 48'' tall, Plant Delights Nursery

Buddleia 'Ellen's Blue'

This article introduces gardeners to the genus Buddleia. Come learn about the history, taxonomy, morphology, cultivation, and cultivars of this.

Blue Fortune Anise Hyssop for sale buy Agastache 'Blue Fortune'

Agastache 'Blue Fortune'