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blamedorange: “ FT x Avengers Civil War AU doodle dump (*w*) (click images for captons!

Gruvia. Haha, Lucy's and Natsu's faces though. And not quite sure what Gajeel's doing, but I love it. :)

So many things like my Brotp Gajeel and Juvia to Jyon and Meredy its just amazing

Pokemon and fairy tail

😂😂 so much in comes, even though I don't like Team Rocket - Fairy Tail & Pokemon ~ DarksideAnime

Ready to rack up the reward points? It's simple, fun and free. Earn points by +in-ing & being +in-ed, and redeem points for Anime goods. back pain cartoon

I love how after he realizes why he shouldn't go check on her he's even more willing to go. I pervy Natsu

FT Highschool. It's like two best friends and one gay stalker. -HAHAHAHA this persons comment made me laugh so hard!!! X'D

It's like two best friends and one gay stalker. -HAHAHAHA this persons comment made me laugh so hard! X'D sting kind of would be a stalker though

I had a bunch of pictures saved up in my phone so I thought I'd make … #random Random #amreading #books #wattpad

If dragon slayers eat their elements.does that mean rouge goes behind people and eat thier shadows?<< I've kinda thought that he eats darkness but that make no sense either soooooo.

Metalicana and Gajeel-- I wanna see kid Gajeel SO bad!

“I really want to see a small flashback between Metalicana and Gajeel, just like they did with Natsu and Igneel, and Wendy and Grandine. I especially can’t wait to what his voice actor’s is going to.

Correo: luisa milagros bellido salcedo - Outlook

Fairy Tail Manga 477 : Natsu Wakes Up! Crazy Natsu and Lucy Heartfilia Naked Together NALU Moments! Lucy Heartfilia Star Dress Saves First Guild Master Mavis.