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Reey Whaar — worx - Today we'd like to introduce you to the macabre illustrations and paintings of Russian illustrator, Reey Whaar.

This is adorable (although the reins touching the ground makes me nervous.. haha)

Royal King Horse Silver Bar Show Halter

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. "Stop Telling Women to Smile". Wheat paste. Varying sizes. 2012 (ongoing). Art criticism discussion: 1. How does street art function differently from art work in a gallery? 2. How can street art convey meanings that art work in a gallery cannot? 3. Why is it important to express social issues in artworks? 4. How does Fazlalizadeh use her medium to express her message about gendered street harrassment? 5. Is Fazlilizadeh successful in conveying her message? Why?

“Harassing Women Does Not Prove Your Masculinity” by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh on Charles Street near North Avenue in Baltimore, MD.

Public Enemy

After the holy trinity Dre and Primo and RZA, I put The Bomb Squad . Their wall-of-noise aesthetics, their approach to sampling, and their.

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David Downton: Versace The feathery wrist ruffles soften an otherwise modish steeliness and show Downton to be a master of painting texture with tone.