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How to treat a headache and cold by hand reflexology

Bach Remedy - Oak - Especially for those who know that others are relying on them... so they HAVE to persevere.

Bach Flower Remedy - Star of Bethlehem - An important remedy for those experiencing bereavement, birth trauma, serious accidents, and other traumatic life events.

Bach Flower Remedy - Beech - Also useful when we are very sensitive to criticism ourselves, although others may not guess it.

Bach Flower Remedy, Larch - helping us when we doubt our abilities so much, that we may not even want to try. Larch restores our self confidence and determination, and reminds us of how capable we really are.


Macro Monday: Colour Therapy

These are a term called Healing Colours, reading through these info graphics, I can see it is very interesting and could contribute to some of my future work.

Great diagram on how to draw --Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen-- The very powerful and somewhat complex, Reiki Symbol for Distance Healing. This is one to learn for it expands your healing potential greatly. I was taught to use it for self healing as well, so you handle all layers of auric field and all soul aspects ❤tami

Bach Flower Remedy - Rock Water - Also a good one for those who overwork, but never seem pleased with their accomplishments.

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