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rubyredwisp: “ They were the most beautiful things she had ever seen, each different than the others, patterned in such rich colors that at first she thought they were crusted with jewels, and so...

modern au → arya stark as an underground assassin in london: She only called once. A quick, breathless call on a burner, which she later ditched behind an Indian restaurant near Southwark Bridge. It was reckless and selfish & jeopardized the two years she had spent in hiding - but it was worth it when Sansa picked up the phone after two rings, her voice weak through the receiver. “Arya? Is that you?” #got #asoiaf

*Balsamic Onion & Potato Frittata* <> Main Ingredients: 1. Potatoes, 2. Eggs, 3. Onions, 4. Garlic clove <> Standard Ingredients: Balsamic, brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika powder, cayenne pepper, dried parsley, olive oil

Looking for an upgrade on the traditional egg salad? Try this one! It includes cream cheese, grated onions and is by far my favorite version of egg salad!