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feminism...what part of liberation of women did you not get!?!? Seriously, liberation is about self defining rather than culture/society/religion defining...who wouldn't want that? BTW...if YOUR definition lines up with more traditional views of being a women, so be it...feminism means YOU get to choose!

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Bukowski and the Down-and-Outs

I will sit on a riverbank and drink wine with this man one day

I did this once, but I forgot it was sugar and water so I used honey instead and it's feet got stuck. Then my mum told me it was sugar and water so I left that out on a spoon and we went to Homebase. When I got back it was gone


From my first time reading it, this quote has stuck with me…

"If a woman got drunk and..." insert anything excepted raped and the drunk part has nothing to do with the crime. Only in rape cases does drunkness matter. Why?

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This is art

This is truly sad but beautiful don This is truly sad and beautiful at the same time PLEASE DONT DRINK AND DRIVE! !!!