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I'm cycling in the rain, just cycling in the rain... What a glorious feelin' I'm happy again....

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Arlington Memorial Bridge & Avenue

Arlington Memorial Bridge & Avenue - George Washington Memorial Parkway (U.

Amsterdam-based artist Ronald van der Meijs just finished a project called Sound Architecture IV that is made from 5,000 repurposed bicycle bells set on steel pins. As the wind picks up, the bells gently ring against one another, lending a visual and auditory component to invisible breezes.

Sound Architecture IV: Art Installation Made From 5,000 Bicycle Bells Sings With the Wind in the Netherlands

Amsterdam-based artist ronald van der meijs has designed an architectural and sculptural installation. 'Sound Architecture IV' is made from repurposed bicycle bells positioned on steel pins. as the wind picks up, the bells gently ring against one another

leafde pictures: Snowy Amsterdam - I took a break from shopkeeping and walked around with my camera. It was magical. I didn't feel the cold until I was covered in snow!

Ice-cycles at Amsterdam, the Netherlands.I want to go see this place one day. Apparently EVERYBODY in Amsterdam rides their bikes.

See Amsterdam like a local with We Bike Amsterdam

See Amsterdam like a local with We Bike Amsterdam

Bike tour in Amsterdam. Since bikes are so important part of the everyday life in the Netherlands and the Dutch culture, I think that riding a bike is the best

Amsterdam! My mom is Dutch, and her and my dad have been there and love it. I really want to go to the Anne Frank house (nerd).

:: missing Amsterdam :: Amsterdam and its bikes. i've been here. There are more bikes in Amsterdam than there are people who live there

Van Heesch Copper Bicycle - Anthropologie.com - should I ever get a bike this is the one I want.....

Van Heesch Copper Bicycle - Anthropologie This is the most beautiful bike I've ever seen.