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A Beautiful Body: Photographer celebrates the post-pregnancy physique

'A Beautiful Body': Photographer Jade Beall depicts the bodies of pregnant women or women who have had children.

LOOK: What Mothers' Bodies Really Look Like

LOOK: What Mothers' Bodies Really Look Like

'A Beautiful Body' Book Project: Jade Beall, Photographer, Celebrates Mothers' Real Bodies (PHOTOS)

Another series of beautiful mommies! Our bodies are truly amazing!! Photos by Jade Beall

This Is What Post-Pregnancy Bodies Actually Look Like

What 9 Months Of Pregnancy Really Does To A Woman's Body

jade beall "What 9 Months of Pregnancy Actually Does to A Womans Body" Totally love this story and pictures. I have to get the book. I know I am proud of my stretch marks cuz they are my scars from my beautiful babies that I will always have with me and that we should never be ashamed for being a women, bringing beautiful creatures into this world.

Powerfully Revealing Portraits of Mothers' Bodies After Childbirth