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"Para isso fomos feitos: Para lembrar e ser lembrados Para chorar e fazer chorar…

Black And Purple Butterfly On Mums Greeting Card for Sale by Garry Gay

Found on borninmay26.tumblr.com via Tumblr

Red butterfly and three sunflowers, for Lyla Dove and her sister Mariposa have a happy day

Blue butterfly white roses

Blue butterfly on white roses by Garry Gay. Is it just me, or is that a Blue Morpho butterfly?

Mans nature became so weakened through  transgression that it was impossible for him,  in his own strength, to resist the power of  evil.

Miyana Meyeri Butterfly on Flowers

Lavender Buterfly

God, in all His greatness and awesome power has made these little delicate beautiful creatures. He sure does have control over His strength! Anthocharis Cardamines Butterfly ~ by Peter Baas

A Swarm of Butterflies.

50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

Monarch Butterfly Cluster Do you know.Monarch populations are plummeting? Find out what you can do to help: Monarch Waystation Seed Kit: www.


Beautiful flower and butterfly for MY Metamorphosed Woman! ~~Swallowtail Reflections ~ gorgeous butterfly by Julie Everhart~~

Crimson Rose Swallowtail Butterfly

The world's most romantic and beautiful creature known as "Butterflies" or "Caterpillar". The most astonishing thing about this tiny creature is that it's life