Do you have yours? It's important to carry your EpiPen at all times. ‪#‎allergies‬ ‪#‎teamanaphylaxis‬

Yes I carry epi-pens as I am very allergic to quote a lot of things !

Six That Saves Lives - critical life saving steps to take during an allergic reaction via Allergic Living

Allergic Living is the leading magazine for those with food allergies, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or environmental allergies. It features in-depth articles, news and safe recipes.

And allergy kit contains all the necessary medication in case of an allergic or anaphylactic reaction. An allergic person should carry with them at all times!

Allergy Kit: Your personal allergy-first-aid kit

Allergy Kit - An easy way for people with allergies to make sure they have their medication and EpiPen with them at all times and in one place.

how to carry epipen - Google Search

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A great picture of how your epi-pen should be with you at all times.

I use this photo in all my first aid courses for schools and childcare facilities, great image!

Anaphylaxis-use your Epi-pen!

During Food Allergy Awareness Week, FARE recognizes the critical need to raise awareness and educate the public about the most severe type of allergic reaction: anaphylaxis (an-uh-fil-LAX-is).

Allergic Reaction Postcards (Package of 8) by jamyri

Allergic Reaction Postcards (Package of 8)

Register your epi-pens for a free carrying case

The official site of EpiPen® (epinephrine injection, USP) Auto-Injector, for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis.