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Dali-esque Surrealist Art by Vladimir Kush: Russia

10 BOOK Furniture Design Pieces Every Bookworm Should Have

Surreal Painting by Vladmir Kush I wish I could buy this for my mom. Incredible in person!!!!

Anyone seen my Dad? Amazing artist defies gravity as he stands on his daughter's floating balloons

Chinese artist Li Wei likes to defy gravity using an elaborate system of invisble cables, mirrors and scaffolding (not Photoshop).

NEW ORIGINAL! Light for the Souls - The colorful parade of the birds' dresses is a metaphor of the human soul's celebration. The richness of their outfits and the conversation in the shadow of a big tree emphasizes the delight of being and living. The singing bird is a hymn to the Sun, the allegory of the spiritual light flowing from heaven. According to many traditions, the soul ascends to the Sun while trying to reach absolute enlightenment. The bird, for its lightness, free hovering and…