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Naturally standing in All the time.

Yep as much as it hurts, I love being sore- it's makes me feel like I worked so much harder

Little Dance Things. It means you worked hard

No, I make sure I can stand on my toes before I buy a pair of shoes.

No, I make sure I can stand on my toes before I buy a pair of shoes.

Having more dance shoes than normal shoes

Dance shoes=Point shoes ballet shoes character shoes jazz shoes old jazz should that don't fit and toe undeez normal shoes= 2 pairs off sneakers ankle boots and knee boots and winter boots and gym shoes for school Almost the same

And feeling your pulse slow down and become calm with the music. Love!

my dance diaries

its so weird... Little Dance Things probably the weirdest thing eeevvveeerrr

Little Dance Things probably the weirdest thing eeevvveeerrr

Yes. And in lunch or in class or laying around the house or riding in the car. Basically every where

every night. Little Dance Things.

Little Dance Things

best pre performance ritual ever.

little dance things - Google Search

Little Dance Things Trying to plan your life around rehearsals.

Little dance things

forget DANCE lets talk about going into a public area, FULL theatre makeup AND crazy costume.

Okay other people do it to that makes me feel better

thanks-to-dance. How I sleep every night

Little Dance Things!>>>> I always do this I listen to the song and think where can I do laterals to this>>>>>

What dancer doesnt?

We are our worst critic:

Dance Problems

Not "That was a nice jump!" More like "ewww my back foot wasnt pointed hard enough"<< or "Eww I look so cringey. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT BACK FOOT?

Yes! <3 or gymnastics because I did that too and I still enjoy it,. I just don't take classes anymore

Dance Quotes: little dance things

...but it's worth it

Dancer Problems: How endless hours of work all comes down to 3 minutes on stage.

Little Dance Things #87 I'm always the only in my dance class who does... and then the teacher is lecturing everyone and I'm just kind of standing in the corner smirking xD

The Gift of Dance

Little Dance Things Landing jumps silently.