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Tyrion Lannister Don't know about the series, but I like some of the things I've heard this guy say. Quite a wit and a wiseman.

To get an overview please watch the video.First, sorry for my English!This coffee table was made by a 2"x4" (5cm x 10cm) and 8 feet (240cm) long. I know it is a wrong 2x4 because it is 2"x 4" and a real 2x4 is not 2"x 4"The wood I used was Swiss pine, in German "Zirbe". It smells pretty good, so I decided not to use any wood finish.

This Dill Pickle Potato Salad is deliciously and loaded with crunchy dill pickles in a zesty dill pickle juice infused dressing! This potato salad makes dill pickles the star of the dish making a side that's going to be the hit of any summer bbq!

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