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Cyclist in the dark

Beginner guide to anatomy of a bike. Never again do you have to be flummoxed in a bike shop when the assistant says your down tube needs replacing, and it’s going to cost a fortune…

. MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN FIXING A BIKE: Bike maintenance can seem tricky, but if you avoid these mistakes your whole riding experience could be changed. Plus, its one less visit to the bike mechanic... #cycling #bike #bicycle

Why were you on the road? Why didn't you build your own cycle lane? Why didn't you stay at home instead of cycling in the first place? Why do you own a bike? That's risky business. I need a complete abstinence from bikes, that's the only safe way not to get hit by a car.

From virtual racing on an imaginary island, to interval training so intense they named it The Sufferfest, these seven training programs have everything you need to stay in tip-top shape when you're forced indoors this offseason. 7 Indoor Trainer Workouts and Apps for Cyclists http://www.active.com/cycling/articles/7-indoor-trainer-workouts-and-apps-for-cyclists?cmp=17N-PB33-S14-T1-D4--1080

It's often stated that recovery is the most important part of training. With a solid post-ride routine, you'll recover more quickly, and your performance should improve. #recovery #biking #cycling

.Gone are the days where all you needed to pull off a successful bike ride was a…
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