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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter | Carson McCullers

"Look at that sea, all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. We couldn't enjoy its loveliness anymore if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds." - L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Morning coffee (26 photos)

Character: Sanity (San). Ohmigawds. Yes. Perfect. Love him already xD Hawthorn Coyote. "'It's really quite peculiar, don't you think? For an insane man to be called Sanity?' 'Well I suppose...' 'I wasn't talking to you, Princess.'" this is perfect.

The time is ripe for miracles, which are actually just a stepping outside of the self-imposed limitations. There is nothing that is impossible, and the energies are available like never before to prove that statement. But it requires a trust in spirit’s presence in our life and it requires allowing and telling the mind to take a back seat. - Maria Chambers (Art by Eugenia Loli)

I decided that I wanted to share some of the images that inspire and excite me. My main tumblr (theburninglotus) is mostly self-shot and rather than confuse things at this point, this seemed like a good idea. So rather than images of TheBurningLotus, I...

Diggie Vitt is a photographer from Jacksonville, Florida, currently based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Diggie creates surreal (self)portraits.

I sit on the fire escape, humming and sketching in my book. I hear a creak and then spy a boy on the ladder. I set my book down and get into a defensive stance...this could get ugly, after all I can smell it on him, he's a vampire. (Someone b the boy)

My name is Linc I'm from Missouri and this is my attempt to make you lol ,lollol, ROFL, CTFU Sit back get ya popcorn and enjoy the show. God Bless ✌👀& ❤