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islam on Dua for Daily Protection from Harm

The Prophet Lifestyle --- lets all try our best to make our lifrstyle like this .. and in sha allah problems will shed from you like leaves.on a autumnal tree...

Using Siwak has following benefits (1) It kills germs. (2) It removes food remnants and yellowness from the teeth, (3) It purifies the mouth by killing germs and treats wounds and inflammation of the gums. (4) It prevents the growth of germs by increasing acidity in the mouth. (5) It removes plaque before it becomes hard. (6) It prevents diseases of the mouth and teeth. (7) It has been proved that it effectively reduces sugar levels and has an anti-cancer effect.

O Allah, give me the patience when things don't go my way. You know what is best for me, so help me accept what you have decreed for me and make me among your grateful servants. Ameen.

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