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The crazy number is a fun game where kids and adults can train mental arithmetic in a fun way . Play is good but when you can, in addition, train your brain is even better ! Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
In the Gold Miner,the player's mission is to collect as much money as possible before time runs out in each level. Between levels, players can buy some props that can help you in the next level. Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
Hippo Flippo is a running game.It's very fun.You are helping a cute little Hippo Flippo and running to eat and maintain your weight. You help Hippo Flippo to run farther and eat all fruits on the way. Help Hippo Flippo to avoid the holes so he does not fall in. Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
Chicken Cross Road How To Play 1.Simply tap the screen repeatedly to make Chicken run.The faster,the better. 2.Watch out for cars and trucks! If you get hit it,the game is over and you can't get to other side. 3.Each road = 1 point.See if you can get a High score. 4.Keep an eye on your power meter. Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
Colors can twist your brain! Don't believe me? Try this game to find out! Tap the tile with the right color on each row. Three game modes. See how fast & how long you can go! Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
Reverse 100 Balls is a free mobile game.The canon will blow the balls up, as the cups rotate on the track you must catch balls to keep the cup in rotation. Fill the moving cups up as much as you can with the balls as they are shot up..Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
Original 100 Balls+ is a free android mobile game.The cups rotate on the track; you must drop a ball through the slot into the cup to keep the cup on the track. Fill the moving cups up as much as you can with the falling down balls! The filled cups will take the balls back to the pot; lost balls are gone forever.Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
Dizzy Snake was developed as a snake game to avoid nasty dots. The more dots you avoid, the higher is your score! As you start doing more and more levels, the challenge will be more difficult and more interesting. Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
Move the ring to the end of the rope without touching it ... Through 4 season which include 15 levels each with different difficulties Use the scissors to cut the unwanted parts of the rope.. Each star collected gives one scissors Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com
Basketball Paper Flick Pro is an addictive game designed for basketball fans, office junkies, and those with a few spare minutes for some addicting to kill some time, which it offers single player or multiplayer options, as well as many cool game modes where you can show off your paper tossing skills! Download: www.mobilegamesbox.com