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It's not coping with it that's the problem, it's coming back and fitting into reality that I struggle with. After reading Austen, I always end up with very proper manners, high expectations of gentlemanly men, and a British accent.

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After I turn the last page of book, I am immediately filled with sadness.

"After I read a good book, I have a hard time coping with reality." This quote reminds me of Don Quixote and his adventures. He lived a life between the pages of a book of a time that didn't exist anymore!

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Nerd Girl Problem - When you finish a book in a day and have to wait a year for the sequel. This is why I'm afraid to read Game of Thrones. Eventually, I'll run out of books and have to wait for George R.

Love it ❤. yes and highlight it!!

Close the bok? 19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand. There is so much truth in this post that it almost hurts lol.

So glad I'm not the only one!

After I read a good book, I have a hard time coping with reality. So true!

Books taught me lots of things. So before you hate, see how many lives they've saved.

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It's black & white: I love Pinterest!

I LOVE this ad for Australia Post, entitled Hug. "If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter." Why have we all stopped writing letters? I keep hearing people say how much they like getting a handwritten letter.